Self-help? What does it mean?

Self-help definition according to goes something like this:

1. the act of providing for or helping or the ability to provide for or help oneself without assistance from others.
2. the acquiring of information or the solving of one’s problems, especially those of a psychological nature, without the direct supervision of professionals or experts, as by independent reading or by joining or forming lay groups that are devoted to one’s interests or goals.
The second definition definitely resonates more clearly than number one does don’t you think?  Well, I’ve read a ton about it and I have decided to take the advice of many of self-help authors, bloggers and successful entrepreneurs.  The first step.
If you are like me, a little disoriented while standing on the road to success, knowing which direction and knowing how to take that first step towards success(i.e. financially free, independent and happy) can be down right intimidating and scary.  That little voice in our head that says, ‘don’t try something new because you’ll fail,’ or ‘you’ll never deserve or be able to be successful because you don’t have the skills or tools necessary to be a success.’
Well, I’m tired of that little voice coming out of the Amygdala in our brain that is the “fear hub.”  The part that tells us to fight or to take flight and run like a scared chicken.  I’ve had enough and I have started to make changes in my life to work towards my goals of financial freedom, independence and a feeling of happiness.  Won’t go into too much detail now in this post, but I will leave this from Paul Selig, who is a University Professor/Psychic Medium.  How’s that combination for you?!!  He says or the ascended ones say that, “there is really nothing to fear, because fear is created in and by our own minds.”  We have everything to gain, to achieve and to manifest happiness and success in our lives. Fortunately, I am just beginning this journey of discovery and adventure.  Won’t you join me?
Link to Paul Selig’s homepage: