All things come to PURPOSEful end.

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Two years.  That was how long I was teaching at one of my favorite junior high schools.  It all finished today.

Today answered the question (or questions), what if today were last moment on earth and you had to depart to heaven, what would it look like?  I taught the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby Mcferrin in my last two classes and I sang and poured my heart out with my students and I thanked them for trying so so hard to learn English this past year.  I said as many thank yous and goodbyes in English and in Japanese as I could.  All day, I was filled with a sense of happiness and deep deep gratitude for everyone around me.  That is how I would like to leave this world, with a sense of happiness and gratitude for this amazing life that I have lived.

Now I’m not ready to move on to where my ancestors are  yet, because I still have a lot to accomplish in this life and a whole lot of people I want to serve and help.  If you’re feeling the same way I do, please leave me a comment or tell me how you feel.  How would your last day on this beautiful plane we call earth?  Who would be around you?  What would you tell them and how will they remember you?  Thank you.  Thank you very much for this day. 


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