Did you live Extra-ordinarily today?

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So what does living everyday EXTRA-ordinarily look like?  Is it jumping off a cliff and riding the wind currents in a wing suit or is it as humbling as helping someone in need, who really needs to talk?

Yesterday (March 15th) was one of those days.  I had one of my last classes for my junior high school students, and yes I am proud of being a teac…, sorry a facilitator of learning commonly misunderstood as a “teacher”.   It was a surreal moment, because I was saying goodbye to them for the last time and it was the last team-taught lesson for my Japanese English teacher and me.  Now don’t get too agitated if I say this, but it was like I was saying goodbye on my last moments on this earth.  I gave my best effort and energy to leave a lasting impression on my students.  We learned and sang Bobby Mcferrin’s, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.  It was really fun and much more than my normal conversation classes, dare I say a little… Extra-ordinary?  It didn’t stop there, but I gave a rather expensive how-to-teach ESL to my team-teacher Mr. A.  He was really grateful and cried at the conclusion of the class.  It was unexpected and some of the students were looking and wondering why he was crying.  Tears of gratitude and closure for our two years of hard work I gathered.  His tears and yet another teacher’s tears humbled me when I told her that I was finishing at the end of this March.  I am grateful to all my students and teachers that I worked with at my junior school.  You have shown me how to live in gratefulness and how to be Extra-ordinary today.


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