Are you using red chalk?


Have you even been in a situation where your co-worker or your boss steps in on you without rhyme or reason, just to micro-manage the hell out of you?  Like Lisa Nichols says, “Give me a YES,YES!”  Well, my story starts with me teaching English to my Japanese junior high school students, when all of a sudden, the assistant vice principal Ms. O, yes they have assistant vice principals in Japan, as if one vice principal wasn’t enough, barges into the middle of my class to tell me something I was doing blatantly wrong.   What was you ask?

“Lee Sensei, you’re using red chalk!  Don’t use red chalk.  Some students can’t see the red chalk on the board.”

I thought to myself, what the f$%king hell?!  “She interrupted my class just to tell me not to use red chalk.  Then why the heck do we even have red chalk in the first place and in EACH classroom?!”  Funny thing is the next week she commented on how my fluorescent yellow undershirt was too bright underneath my white work-shirt.  Wow!  You have too much time or your life is sooooo boring that you have to find something to knit-pick about your F–KIN CO-WORKERS, not your STUDENTS Ms. O!!  School or the concept of it is not a real place but actually a stage or contrived experiment in human socialization.   It’s one I’d like to change, improve and to make it a more efficient well-spent six years of our lives. 

Then I remembered the wisdom from all the great self-help gurus like Wayne Dyer, Lisa Nichols and Tony Robbins.  Every and I mean every good or bad experience serves as a mini-lesson about something in life.

My lesson was to avoid wearing fluorescent undershirts to work and to ignore people who care too much about such things.  Avoid psychopathic, power-control obsessed people because they are like vampires just waiting to feed on anyone who gives them an inch.  Don’t be tomorrow’s lunch. 


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